Velf Studio's "The Gamer" Makes it to The One Show

Velf Studio's Award-Winning Commercial Video at The One Show

We're proud to announce that Velf Studio's recent commercial video, "The Gamer," created for Eureka Ergonomic, has been selected for The One Show. This recognition is a testament to our team's creativity and commitment to producing compelling content.

"The Gamer": A Journey Through Virtual Comfort

"The Gamer '' takes viewers on a journey through a battlefield in search of comfort, following a group of soldiers within a gaming world. The stunning visual effects bring the gaming world to life, and as the soldiers reach a bunker, they are welcomed by a gamer who has created a comfortable space for them to relax and recharge with Eureka Ergonomic's range of comfortable gaming chairs and desks.


Seamless Blend of Gaming and Reality

This seamless blend of gaming and reality creates a unique and unforgettable experience, showcasing the importance of comfort even in the virtual world.

At Velf Studio, we believe in bringing out the best in every concept and telling unique stories. "The Gamer" is a testament to this belief, with its compelling storyline and visually stunning effects.

Congratulations to Eureka Ergonomic and the Velf Studio Team

We congratulate our client, Eureka Ergonomic, and our entire team at Velf Studio for this incredible achievement. We look forward to producing more innovative content that pushes creative boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide.

Watch ‘The Gamer’ full version here.Watch 30’’ spot here

Watch 15’’ spot here

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