Velf Studio's "Build" Receives Accolades at the 1.4 Awards

Velf Studio's "Build" Receives Accolades at the 1.4 Awards

We're thrilled to announce that Velf Studio's “Build” has been included in the 1.4 Award's Longlist for the Commercial category. The 1.4 Award recognizes the world's most creative filmmakers, and we're proud to see Velf Studio's work acknowledged among such impressive competition.

A Narrative Journey: "Build" Unveiled for Eureka Ergonomic

"Build" stands as a narrative commercial video, thoughtfully crafted for our esteemed client, Eureka Ergonomic. The video artfully narrates the journey of a young couple embarking on the monumental task of building their home and welcoming their first baby. It beautifully captures the memories and emotions intertwined with this significant life event, emphasizing the transformative power of furniture in completing the home.

The Essence of "Build": Touching and Relatable

The concept behind "Build" is both touching and highly relatable, showcasing the anxieties and joys that accompany starting a new chapter in life. The video skillfully emphasizes how the pieces we choose for our homes contribute to completing the space and encapsulating the essence of the lives lived within its walls. Velf Studio's ability to convey these emotions in a compelling manner is a true testament to their artistry as filmmakers.

Acknowledging Talent and Teamwork

We are beyond thrilled that Velf Studio's exceptional work has garnered recognition at the 1.4 Awards. This achievement not only highlights the creativity and dedication of our team but also underscores the meaningful collaboration we've had with Eureka Ergonomic. Working with such a talented team has been an enriching experience, and we express our gratitude for the opportunity to bring impactful stories to life.

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