Velf Studio's Build Selected for 1.4 Award

We're thrilled to announce that Velf Studio's “Build” has been included in the 1.4 Award's Longlist for the Commercial category. The 1.4 Award recognizes the world's most creative filmmakers, and we're proud to see Velf Studio's work acknowledged among such impressive competition.

Build is a narrative commercial video created for our client, Eureka Ergonomic. The video tells the story of a young couple building their home and having their first baby, capturing the memories and emotions that come with such a significant life event. Through furniture, the video emphasizes the power of home and the unique ways in which the pieces we choose can help complete it.

The concept of Build is both touching and relatable, as it showcases the anxieties and joys that come with starting a new chapter in life. Velf Studio's ability to capture these emotions in a compelling way is a testament to their talent as filmmakers.

We're thrilled that Velf Studio's work has been recognized by the 1.4 Award, and we're grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented team.

Watch ‘Build’ full version here.

Watch ‘Build’ 15’’ spots here.

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