Branding Case Study - Nerpot

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Nerpot also known as Nerpot finance is a digital financial platform built to house every financial need the target audience could ever make use of. The product name was sourced from the phrase “Partner of Potential”.

As shown above, the nerpot logo - logo also has a bit of resemblance to a fingerprint and this was made to imply that nerpot is a secured platform. Our fingerprint is a unique part of our identity, which also portrays nerpot as that unique platform and system built for the audience.

The color choice depended on the fact that the audience is in the age range of 17 - 25; this kind of audience finds bright and vibrant colors attractive. This influenced the decision to go for blue-purple shade color.

Nerpot visuals were designed to be simple and clean. For this campaign, the use of humans in our designs is essential as descriptive images are known to gain attraction. Our target audience by data is known to have a short attention span so, within that 3-5 secs that we have their attention, we want them to have our identity and message in their memory.

The contents were also a bit triggering in the sense that we pry on our competitors' failure and use that to drive Nerpot’s message. Another content direction was telling our early user stories; narrating how Nerpot helped them scale their income or how Nerpot helped them during their master’s program. Our target audience is known to always want to listen to other people's stories of how they thrived and we used Nerpot to help individuals succeed and then tell their stories.

The goal is to create awareness and create campaigns that direct the audience to the brand comms platform. So statements like “Download on”, and “visit for more information” were used to drive that goal.

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