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The power of home is captured uniquely through the parts that help complete it, its furniture.  

Despite having a decade of experience in the furniture merchandising industry, Eureka has yet to establish a prominent brand identity. In order to address this issue, they have made the strategic decision to introduce their new product lines to the US market. The inaugural products in this line are distinguished by their exquisite hand-made construction, luxurious finishes, and innovative ergonomic design.

The goal is to engage with discerning consumers who prioritize high-quality furniture and appreciate the transformative influence of a beautifully furnished home. 

Research indicates that on average, people in the US move seven times over the course of their lives. Often, a move signifies the start of a new chapter in life. By sharing the story of a young couple building their own home, full of memories and a range of emotions such as excitement and anxiety, we can see how their journey leads to a new beginning: parenthood. A homemade complete. 

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