Feel the Pulse

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Feel the Pulse

Commercial Video

What's needed

Bezalel comes to us with 4 new products in the hope of showcasing the features and scenarios people can use them. 

Bezalel Products

What we've done

We have curated seven scenes, each showcasing a situation where wireless charging can make a difference. These scenes are carefully choreographed to match the theme of pulse and beats of life, with varying degrees of emotion and energy. And with some humor sprinkled in, the audience will be kept engaged and entertained the whole time.


At the core of our daily routines is our pulse, the rhythm that dictates our pace in life. Unfortunately, our flow is often disrupted by mundane distractions such as the dreaded low battery notifications. The inconvenience of having to interrupt our enjoyment to search for a charging cable is a bummer. With Bezalel’s wireless charging solutions, we can stay on the pulse of life, without having to slow down. It's as simple as a snap, and you're good to go.

We know everybody has got a pulse and an impulse to be the person they want to be. We also hope to inspire our audience to embrace their impulses, express themselves, and follow the beat of their lives.

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